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Windows are one of the most valuable parts of any home, they bring natural light into the house and make it look more attractive but when they are not properly cleaned dirt, grime, and hard water stains can build-up which can affect the appearance of your place negatively, make you feel uncomfortable, and it can even contribute to permanently damaging your windows. For this reason, it is important to get a professional service such as our Window Cleaning in Calgary AB to keep your windows in shape for longer and let you enjoy the sunlight and outside view.

Our Calgary Window Cleaning Services

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We offer exterior and interior window cleaning services via squeegee or water-fed pole systems no matter the height of your windows. We carry all the cleaning from the ground to increase the safety and minimize the disturbance for the customer. Our service works with purified water that will leave your windows crystal clear for a longer time.

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Our services include deep cleaning your window screens to increase their lifespan. A dirty window screen doesn’t only affect the aesthetics of your place but the dirt can get transferred to your window panes when it is rainy or windy and all those dirty substances can wear out the screens over the time as well. Not only are dirty screens an eyesore but they also will affect the air quality making you and your family more prone to coughs and respiratory health problems.

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Dirt and grime can build up on the tracks of your windows and over time it can prevent your windows from sealing properly which can cause mold growth and is highly problematic for your family’s health. We can take care of all of these issues for you with our deep track cleaning add on service. Our services include scrubbing of the tracks with a special brush, and then we vacuum and wash out the tracks to improve the overall functionality and appearance of your windows.

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Window Cleaning in Calgary AB With a Warranty

Nothing could be worst than having your windows looking perfectly clean and streak-free after our professional window washing service, and then it rains the next day, and all the hard work is ruined and dirty spots from rainwater leave your windows looking like a disaster again. Fortunately, with Window Cleaning in Calgary AB, you no longer have to worry about those situations. We assure you that your windows will stay clean from any rainfall even up to 7 days after we have serviced your home if you happen to notice any rain spots, just give us a call and we will re-touch your windows.

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Get Window Cleaning in Calgary AB Auto-Scheduled All Year

Don’t wait any longer to get your windows properly cleaned. Crystal clear windows will brighten up your home, improve the air quality, let the sunlight enter and you will enjoy the beautiful view. Our Window Cleaning in Calgary AB offers quarterly window cleaning packages, you can contact us and we will get your windows sparkling clean every quarter auto-scheduled for the whole year at an affordable price point. Please contact us if you want to know more about it and what the package offers. WindowVia offers Window Cleaning in Calgary AB, Cochrane, Monterra, Gleneagles, Springbank, Valley Ridge, Bowness, and the surrounding areas.

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Jodie Friesen Review for Window Cleaning WindowVia

Jodie Friesen


Window Cleaning in Calgary AB Company

Daniel and Jordan were fantastic to work with, friendly, professional, and just all around great guys that I would highly recommend!! They went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the Window Cleaning job and my windows were sparkling when they left …… they even did a few extras at no charge. Thanks guys, I’ve already passed your name on to several friends!

Jill Novak Review for Window Cleaning WindowVia

Jill Novak


Window Cleaning in Calgary AB Business

These two did a great job, they went over areas that didn’t come clean the first time, ensuring everything was shining. They’ve invested in a pretty slick water system that efficiently delivers a streak-free clean window. Impressive Window Cleaning Service!

Joshua Tattrie Review for Window Cleaning WindowVia

Joshua Tattrie


Window Cleaning in Calgary AB Services

100% amazing. So cheap and it looks so great. All they asked for was a picture of the areas cleaned and they were able to give me an estimate within 5 minutes of sending them the photos. We got the siding, gutters, and the windows done. It looks brand spanking new. Great job to Jordan for doing it all!! He was Grade A professional, working his butt off the whole time. He did a phenomenal job Window Cleaning and my entire property looks great. I highly recommend this service. They are very professional!

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